The main purpose of the “Investiga I+D+I program” (Research + Development + innovation) is to encourage students to acquire a broader ingight into science by learning, discovering and exploring within an international environment. The program also tries to develop their analytical skills and promote technology, innovation and scientific research through a volunteer essay about topical and emerging issues of social interest. English will be the language of instruction during the international phase.


Who is this Congress aimed at?

The Program is aimed at 15-17 years old students from Europe and America.



  • To raise interest in scientific research, technology and innovation.
  • To enhance teamwork and the possibility of sharing experiences with experts in the different fields.
  • To encourage the use of new technologies applied to education such as blogs, forums…, and online learning and teaching.
  • To romote international exchange of knowledge and cooperation between European and American High School students.


Work schedule

  • Assignment of a teacher to lead the project and help the participant students. Fill in the inscription file before May 1st 2016.
  • Enrolment of the students by the assigned teacher before May 30th 2015. Each student must choose one of the five proposed topics to work on.
  • Development of an individual paper by each student following the guides available in
  • Registered students must participate in the online forum of the program, where all the topics will be discussed by the students and experts. (June-October 2016).
  • In order to participate in the Congress, each professor must select five papers, one for each topic, and send them via mail to before September 15, 2016.
  • The International Youth Scientific Congress “INVESTIGA I+D+i” will take place in Madrid from 21 to 24 November 2016. The scientific and cultural activities will take 4 days.


Research topics

Field of health science:
Topic: Biomedicine and imaging

Field of energy, environmental sciences
Topic: Electric vehicle vs hydrogen-powered vehicle

Field of space sciences
Topic: Manned mission to Mars

Field of nanoscience and nanotechnology
Topic: Nanotechnology and Smart Cities

Field of biotechnology
Topic: Taming micoorganisms


More Information and Registration

Web page: